Mary comes from a remote rural village called Mathyam in Thavanampalli mandal of Chittoor District in the State of Andhra Pradesh. There are over 190 families in this village, most of them Christians. Due to its remoteness, most of the village people are illiterates and the children often abstain from school and go for work to substitute family income.  Mary is married to George and both of them work as agricultural laborers which is seasonal.

Since Chittoor District is known for drought and receives less rain during the monsoons, the agricultural activity is also much less.  Mary is a motivated person, hard working and takes the responsibility of the household very well.

Mary and George have three children, out of which two of them need constant support for studies etc., With the help of the cow, Mary and George feel secured and feel that they could make a good living. The village people like Mary very much because of her association with other people in the village and also her loving character.



The SAC-CCC has initiated rural micro economic development programs to assist poor families to help themselves. The SAC-CCC realized that a cow in a rural family offers economic assistance and in the long run financial stability. Hence, cow societies are formed in rural areas. Cow Society in a village in a vibrant idea by which a rural family gets a pregnant/milking cow, fully insured, veterinaries assisted and dairy linked.

Not only a family gets a cow but gives membership to the Cow Society. The Cow is the focal point and through the Society health & nutrition education, child immunization schedules, values education are periodically given by the Social Workers of the Cow Society.

Even the domestic violence is discussed and family problems are shared and resolved.
Our experience has shown that through the cow societies that rural families cooperate and coordinate activities pertaining to the care and nature and marketing activity for the maximum benefit.

Mary and George are in the process of growing, succeeding and providing hope and direction to their rural community.  Please, if you or your group can help, there is no better way than helping these people to help themselves, they just need an initial hand up to build a future.  You can see your gifts at work.  We will ensure that you are informed of the good coming from your gift. 


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